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The Links Have Built Up…Link Dump Time!

Posted in Network,Programming,Uncategorized by Brian Russell on June 19, 2008

The stared items in Google Reader have built up to a unmanageable level.  I star them because I want others in my team to read them.  Here are the ones that, after looking at them the second time, still seem worthwhile.

Everyone Links:

One in three IT staff snoop on colleagues – We need to be trusted since we hold the keys to the business.  How many lied and said they didn’t snoop in this survey – a question brought up on Slashdot.

Are you going the way of the Dinosaur? Not just for developers, it applies to anyone in the IT career field.  What are you actively doing to keep yourself up to date?

Question your work – I love reading the 37signals blog.  I have found myself recently working on things that are not in line with business goals.

Developer Focused Links:

Ruby and Excel seem like a match for some upcoming work

Pronunciation Rules for Programmers – We have had discussions on this in the past.  Nice to have a source to refer to when needed.  I still like using the word Squirrely Braces for { }.

Scrum in 90 Minutes Presentation – Might be handy…

Sending mail through gmail with Rails – Seems useful for some future home project

Database Links:

SQL Server FAQ Link Page


Infected Machines Suck

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 30, 2008

If you have any error detection/capturing on your site, you will probably come across one of the most annoying things on the Internet….Zombie Computers.

Right now, every few days, one of the computers on this list is hitting my site with a bad URL parameter producing an error in our web application.  This doesn’t hurt anything, but it sure is annoying. 

I will have to go into the code and explicitly check for the bad parameter and redirect the requester.  Maybe I should redirect the specific attack I am getting to the Wikipedia site.  That would be fun.

It is good practice to fix these types of errors, but normal people won’t see it.  I am only fixing this to give me satisfaction that I serve them up any page I want and so I don’t continue getting error emails every few days.

Windows Server 2003 Out, 2008 Is In…

Posted in Network by Brian Russell on January 21, 2008

SharePoint Styles and Modifications

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on November 1, 2007

We are about to roll out SharePoint in our organization and we wanted to apply some small tweaks to the design.  I went out looking for how to modify the CSS files ‘the correct’ way and I found this little gem in the Internet trash pile.  It takes a bunch of the styles and shows you where they are applied by using screen clippings.  THANK YOU!  You can also figure this out by using a developer toolbar in your favorite browser, but this is much easier to me.

I also found a SharePoint Cheat Sheet that looks promising.

We also needed to add a company logo to all sites within a site collection.

Here is a post explaining how to properly use alternative styles without messing around with the CORE.CSS file.

And just because I thought this was neat, maybe I will do this when I get time

Be a Champion, Mutual Authentication, Agile, and TDD

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on July 26, 2007

Here are a couple links I found recently that I really liked.

Champions Pay The Price(from the 37 Signals blog) –  Well said.  I love the not so obvious messages in this post:  Don’t be the person that kills a good idea through fear, doubt, and uncertainty.  Try to be the champion of ideas even though it means you will have to work hard.  Explore ideas out for the positives before stepping to the other side of the line and looking at the negatives.

A Study In Mutual Authentication – When you sit down to think about it, there are so many ways to be socially engineered in order to steal your identity.  This is very thought provoking when you realize where he is coming from.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Phishing Quiz – Want to test how good you are at identifying a phishing site?  Goes hand in hand with the link above.

– Programming Specific –

Project Behavior Issues – Thoughts towards how agile methodologies are supposed to work from the team perspective so everyone holds their own weight.

User Stories to User Experience – Good post talking about developing user stories and what, as a developer, you are trying to get to by performing this step.

Have Your Cake – More talk about agile and how it works or doesn’t in the organization.

You’re a TDD newbie on a project team with Jeremy, what do you do? – Jeremy Miller talking about the do’s and don’ts of TDD.

MVC in WPF, Notepad2, and Classic Menu for Office 2007

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on April 12, 2007

I might be a minority here, but I find the need for something like this pathetic.  Is everyone that unwilling to change to a better UI?  After using it for a couple weeks, I believe most people will be using more features of Office than they ever had before.

This guy is doing some dirty work of figuring out how to do MVC in WPF:

If you haven’t used Notepad2 before, here is your invitation.  It is in version 2 now.

Two small posts (here) and (here) that are thought provoking.

Creating an Intranet

Posted in Network by Brian Russell on April 12, 2007

We are currently on the road to replace our current Intranet with a new and improved one.  I went out and started searching for Intranet design information, here are some links I found:

Design an Intranet Solution Architecture – If you are using SharePoint, you will want to look here.

The Difference Between Intranet and Internet Design – Some high level Intranet vs Internet site design.

Designing a Corporate Intranet – More Intranet knowledge.

Intranet Roadmap – This site seems easy to digest and read.  There is even a simple project planning tool.

Communication Is An Impression, Development Process Help, and Stop Code Generating

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on April 9, 2007

Links for everyone:

7 Behaviors That Mess Up Communication: Are You Making A Good Impression? – I am guilty sometimes…. (this is a spiritual post somewhat, so take what you want from it)

Programmer Specific Links:

Process and Practices – Another post by one of my favorite bloggers, Jeremy Miller.  In this he describes a little more about the process side of development.

From CodeGen To TDD – Speaking of favorite bloggers, here is a post by Jean-Paul Boodhoo describing how you should let go of the practice of generating code while you learn test driven development.  I definately see where he is coming from.  Frameworks are nice, but they are big, and not all of it is used.

Self Sign Certificates in IE7

Posted in Network by Brian Russell on April 6, 2007

Scott Guthrie shows how easy it is to self sign a certificate in IIS7.  Check it out.

Exchange 2007 VHD, Programmers Aren’t the Only Ones That Need Skills…

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on March 12, 2007

If you’re talented, the tools don’t matter that much.  This is a great visual way to get the point across that you don’t need tools if your talented.

Essential ‘Programming’ Skills for Non-Programmers – Another funny post (The first 4 are real though, don’t laugh off the whole thing just because of the last one).

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 VHD – 32-bit version – Start playing with Exchange 2007 easily.

R2D2 Mailboxes – I want one…but will people send more mail because of it?

A Few Good Managers – This is a funny programmer centric post.

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