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Code Line Counting and Fixing Win Mobile Alarm That Won’t Quit

Posted in Mobile,Programming by Brian Russell on July 2, 2007

Couple free utilites I have recently used that I think are pretty neat and worth blogging about:

I had a need recently to count up lines of code on an application we were releasing.  I wanted to give some stats out to users of the application in order to let them understand the size and scope of the application.  I found this free tool called LocMetrics.  Pretty slick.  It counts your blank lines, comment lines, code lines and even your code lines with comments as well.

My smartphone all of a sudden started waking me up with a 6:00 am alarm even though I didn’t set it.  I found out that this is a little problem that happens time to time with the Windows Mobile phones.  After living with it for almost a week now, I decided to figure it out.  It turns out there is a problem with the notifications queue or something, and you can easily clear it out by downloading this slick tool called SKTools lite.  It is freeware (located down the page a bit).  After looking around this application, I realized that it is pretty powerful and there is more to it than just clearing a rouge alarm.  Check it out.  Hopefully it worked and I don’t have to wake up at 6am tomorrow.


Motorola Q Update #2 (MOL2) Released

Posted in Mobile by Kevin Colyar on December 22, 2006

I updated my Q with the latest update today and haven’t run into any problems yet. Best part is that the battery life is supposed to be significantly better with this update. Details of improvements.

I’ve put the update in ref-docs is called Motorola_Software_Update_Stand_Alone-01-05-06.exe

For everyone else it can be downloaded from here

Mounting WM5 Devices as a Removable Disk using WM5torage

Posted in Mobile by Kevin Colyar on December 22, 2006

WM5torage is an application you can install on your Windows Mobile 5 device that will expose your storage card to you computer as a removable disk. Just like if you were accessing your storage card through a card reader.

The CAB file is in Ref-Docs, or it can be found here (Registration required):

Update: I’ve plugged in my Motorola Q with WM5torage activated into my linux machine and it recognized it as removable media right away. Very cool.

Win Mobile Dev – Getting Started Links

Posted in Mobile by Brian Russell on October 25, 2006

I am researching how to get started developing Windows Mobile applications with Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Compact Framework.  I found a few interesting links that could help others.

Visual Studio 2005 comes with the necessary stuff to develop Windows Mobile 2003 apps, but if you want to develop Windows Mobile 5.0 apps, you will need the SDKs.  Here are the links to those:

Now that you have the SDKs, you then may want to use a Starter Kit or use some Tutorials to further your learning.

Once you develop your application, you will need to distribute it.  Here is the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Redistributable

Motorola Q Themes

Posted in Mobile by Brian Russell on October 24, 2006

I found a bunch of Motorola Q themes at the following site:

I got there from this site:

Setting Up the Q

Posted in Mobile,Uncategorized by Kevin Beck on October 19, 2006

How to setup your phone to sync to Exchange:

1.  Install the ActiveSync 4.2.

2.   Download dcpud_oma_root.cer and VZW_spAddCert.exe from RefDocs and copy it to a folder named “Storage” on your phone using File Manager.

3.  Run the VZW_spAddCert.exe from your phonse to install the server certificate.

4.  Use the Active Sync Wizard setup your connection to the exchange server.