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The Links Have Built Up…Link Dump Time!

Posted in Network,Programming,Uncategorized by Brian Russell on June 19, 2008

The stared items in Google Reader have built up to a unmanageable level.  I star them because I want others in my team to read them.  Here are the ones that, after looking at them the second time, still seem worthwhile.

Everyone Links:

One in three IT staff snoop on colleagues – We need to be trusted since we hold the keys to the business.  How many lied and said they didn’t snoop in this survey – a question brought up on Slashdot.

Are you going the way of the Dinosaur? Not just for developers, it applies to anyone in the IT career field.  What are you actively doing to keep yourself up to date?

Question your work – I love reading the 37signals blog.  I have found myself recently working on things that are not in line with business goals.

Developer Focused Links:

Ruby and Excel seem like a match for some upcoming work

Pronunciation Rules for Programmers – We have had discussions on this in the past.  Nice to have a source to refer to when needed.  I still like using the word Squirrely Braces for { }.

Scrum in 90 Minutes Presentation – Might be handy…

Sending mail through gmail with Rails – Seems useful for some future home project

Database Links:

SQL Server FAQ Link Page