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Infected Machines Suck

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 30, 2008

If you have any error detection/capturing on your site, you will probably come across one of the most annoying things on the Internet….Zombie Computers.

Right now, every few days, one of the computers on this list is hitting my site with a bad URL parameter producing an error in our web application.  This doesn’t hurt anything, but it sure is annoying. 

I will have to go into the code and explicitly check for the bad parameter and redirect the requester.  Maybe I should redirect the specific attack I am getting to the Wikipedia site.  That would be fun.

It is good practice to fix these types of errors, but normal people won’t see it.  I am only fixing this to give me satisfaction that I serve them up any page I want and so I don’t continue getting error emails every few days.


Learning Linux

Posted in Linux by Brian Russell on January 22, 2008

I admit, I am mostly a Windows user who has very little experience with Linux.  I never really had interest in it because …(insert numerous excuses)…

That all changed this last year when I decided to give OS X a chance and bought my first Mac.  Since OS X is Unix based, it isn’t too much of a stretch over to the Linux world, so I am finding interest in Linux things.

 One resource I found recently is a series (at least it appears to be) called Flipping the Linux Switch hosted on the downloadsquad web site.  Here are the first two that I have found, and they are easily consumable:

New users guide to the terminal

Misplace a file? Find it quick!

You might want to give them a read.

Windows Server 2003 Out, 2008 Is In…

Posted in Network by Brian Russell on January 21, 2008