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Visual SQL Joins, Elevator Tests, Asking 37signals, and Contradiction

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on October 12, 2007

A Visual Explaination of SQL Joins – Jeff Atwood builds on Ligaya Turmelle’s work which really helps explain SQL joins in a very visual way.  Where was this when I was learning SQL?

Can Your Team Pass The Elevator Test? – Since I already have one of Jeff’s posts linked to above, might as well add another one I thought was great.  It all boils down to understanding what you are working on and why, but not from the geeky perspective.

Ask 37signals – I have been a fan of 37signals ever since I read the Getting Real book (go read it if you haven’t already).  They started a new series on their blog where they answer good thoughtful questions asked by their readers.  Here are a couple of them.

Ain’t nothing wrong with contradition – Another blog post by 37signals that I flagged a while ago.  I felt it matched up to how I operate day to day.

Never Use a Warning When you Mean Undo – Some good information about building software for users instead of programmers.


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