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Essential Mac Software List

Posted in Mac by Brian Russell on August 19, 2007

Came across this link on Digg, and I wanted to remember it for later. Hope any Mac users reading this will find it helpful as well.


SCRUM – Great Video

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on August 15, 2007

Ever since I found the Info Q site, I have been trying to watch all talks that look interesting to me which are hosted there.  I just watched another today that just reaffirms my thoughts of why we should switch to SCRUM and get rid of the waterfall methods we hold on to.  If you are on a project team developing software, do yourself a favor and watch this video.  You have to just sit and watch it, don’t let it play in the back ground, just sit and watch it.

I could see watching this as a pre-requisite for any new software being built (unless the person has previously watched it).  Not just by developers, but by the project owner and the stakeholders as well.

Your Code Is Suboptimal!

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on August 12, 2007

A while ago, I agreed to post a picture to our blog for a free t-shirt. What can I say, I can easily be bought!

So here is my end of the bargain. I tried to strike the best “Your Code Is Suboptimal” pose I could. Thanks for the shirt Eric.

Your Code Is Suboptimal

Evil Mastermind

Software Estimation, Agile and Ruby, and Writing Good Code

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on August 3, 2007

Planning Poker – I really like this idea.  As our group moves to be more agile, this would definately be of value.  Simple 13 minute video to watch when you get a chance.  Read the comments, some of them are insightful for seperating out estimating and planning and how they relate.

Applying Agile to Ruby – Fred George from ThoughtWorks gives a 40+ minute talk that I found interesting since I have been working with Ruby On Rails lately.  I really liked all the years of experience pooring out while he talked.

We Are What We Repeatedly Code – Talk about how practicing good coding habits becomes normal over time, and that should always be something to strive towards.

Free Ruby on Rails IDEs, MySQL Workbench

Posted in Uncategorized by Kevin Colyar on August 2, 2007

Free Ruby on Rails IDEs

Komodo Edit


MySQL Workbench: Database Design GUI

MySQL Workbench (Alpha)