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Getting Familiar With Behavior Driven Development

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on July 3, 2007

I have never been able to fully utilize TDD/BDD in a real project yet, but I am very eager to do so.  Here is a site that does a great introduction to BDD.  I really like the section titled: “BDD provides a “ubiquitous language” for analysis“.  The section starts out describing a way to simplify analysis:

Chris and I realized we were trying to define a ubiquitous language for the analysis process itself! We had a good starting point. In common use within the company there was already a story template that looked like this:

As a [X]
I want [Y]
so that [Z]

where Y is some feature, Z is the benefit or value of the feature, and X is the person (or role) who will benefit. Its strength is that it forces you to identify the value of delivering a story when you first define it. When there is no real business value for a story, it often comes down to something like ” . . . I want [some feature] so that [I just do, ok?].” This can make it easier to descope some of the more esoteric requirements.

The section moves on to talk about acceptance critera:

We started describing the acceptance criteria in terms of scenarios, which took the following form:

Given some initial context (the givens),
When an event occurs,
then ensure some outcomes.

Check out the article.

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