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Code Line Counting and Fixing Win Mobile Alarm That Won’t Quit

Posted in Mobile,Programming by Brian Russell on July 2, 2007

Couple free utilites I have recently used that I think are pretty neat and worth blogging about:

I had a need recently to count up lines of code on an application we were releasing.  I wanted to give some stats out to users of the application in order to let them understand the size and scope of the application.  I found this free tool called LocMetrics.  Pretty slick.  It counts your blank lines, comment lines, code lines and even your code lines with comments as well.

My smartphone all of a sudden started waking me up with a 6:00 am alarm even though I didn’t set it.  I found out that this is a little problem that happens time to time with the Windows Mobile phones.  After living with it for almost a week now, I decided to figure it out.  It turns out there is a problem with the notifications queue or something, and you can easily clear it out by downloading this slick tool called SKTools lite.  It is freeware (located down the page a bit).  After looking around this application, I realized that it is pretty powerful and there is more to it than just clearing a rouge alarm.  Check it out.  Hopefully it worked and I don’t have to wake up at 6am tomorrow.


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