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Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on June 6, 2007

Don’t Ask — Observe – I thought this is a good article to help developers (and other IT professions) step back and realize what the user really needs verses what they ask for.  My exprience is the same; users want everything, until they get it, then they don’t like it.

GENNIT – Kind of interesting.  Generate your code online and have it zip it up and give it back.  The problem I see with it immediately is change management.  Sometimes you need to regenerate, but it is possible that a template was updated since the last time you generated that could cause unexpected behaviors from the new generated code.  Not good.

DiffMerge – Yet another dif/merge tool.  It is free, and they aim at making it the best diff/merge tool out there.  We will see.  It is cross platform though, so that gives a thumbs up from me since I use both Win and Mac.

error_message_on – Lesser known feature of Ruby on Rails, but it looks great.  I really like the way the error is incorporated into the label of the offending field opposed to a big list of errors.  I didn’t like the use of Flicker for the photos since I didn’t have an account, so I had to leave a comment.

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