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The Other Side of the Argument…

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on June 1, 2007

In my last post (Is Microsoft Losing Its Developer Base?), I presented a list of links that bring up a point that something is stirring in the MS development world.  Here are some other posts that are responses to the previously linked posts.  These mostly provide some counter arguments:

Microsoft and IronRuby

Maybe it’s just not that bad to be a Microsoft Developer

A lack of enthusiasm in the Microsoft world?


3 Responses to 'The Other Side of the Argument…'

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  1. Mateusz said,

    I do not know You but I do know Fowler. You can disagree with him but do not make a “home boy” out of him. “Fowler is, in almost as many words, claiming Ruby is not a language, but a religion.” He did not say its religon. He say its community. The word that Microsoft people do not get. For M$ people it is hard to understand that something can be for free and people can be enthusiastic for some kind of idea. Fowler points some solutions to M$ but as I see people form M$ enviremant will waste it. Thats cool for me. If You do not understend wise man words its even better.

  2. R said,

    I am a big fan of Fowler, However, I think he is only human and he can make mistakes like the rest of us. Actually, I’m a bit disappointed that he is down-playing .NET and Microsoft’s new product line.

    Mateusz, before defending someone fanatically, try to think for yourself. Let the facts speak not personal preference.

  3. Fowler is wise… mostly. The agile manifesto is spot on.

    The only nitpick I have (with Fowler himself) is his claims that certain scientific methods (i.e. measurement of productivity) do not apply to software development discipline. I think it does. I think productivity can be measured – we just need to be more inventive in coming up with a reasonable metric. I, for one, know my personal limitations, knowing I do not have the answer. Someone else smarter than me (Fowler perhaps) might. Remains to be seen.

    Once we can do that – once we have evidence, we are good. However, I hope that, in the off chance the Agile/Ruby community is confronted with evidence that Agile is no better than anything else, that they admit so and move on to the next theory. Just like physicists did when Einstein proved Newton’s theories worked under certain conditions.

    That said, the religiosity of the Agile and Ruby communities is a big turn off for a lot of reasonable people. Some humility from that camp about limitations of agile would certainly make them seem more authentic and reasonable.

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