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Ruby On Rails Active Directory Authentication

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on May 30, 2007

During a conversation at work, the idea of using ruby on rails for future development projects came up.  One of the ‘hurdles’ that was discussed was integrating it with Active Directory (LDAP).  So, I went out searching to see how to integrate it.  Wouldn’t you know, like everything else, it is has been done before and it doesn’t look that hard.  Here are a couple of links to keep around if you are up against the same requirement:  This is a page on the Rails Wiki that talks some more about AD integration.

Of course, Active Directory isn’t the only thing out there someone would want to authenticate against, so on the Rails Wiki, there is a whole section dedicated to this topic


 Just for fun, I thought I would include this post – Why Ruby on Rails won’t become mainstream

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