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Is Microsoft Losing Its Developer Base?

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on May 31, 2007

I am by no means a visionary, but when so many influential people in the Microsoft camp are talking about it, you got to start listening.  Here are some posts/podcasts to ponder over:

Martin Fowler about Ruby and Microsoft

Sam Gentile comments on the above post by Martin Fowler

Oren Eini on Martin Fowler’s post

Microsoft vs TestDriven.Net Express

Hansel Minutes podcast talking with Martin Fowler and David Heinemeier Hansson

Paul Graham’s famous Microsoft Is Dead post

Scott Hanselman asking if Microsoft is losing the alpha geeks

Alpha Geeks and Microsoft

Just some stuff to think about…


Ruby On Rails Active Directory Authentication

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on May 30, 2007

During a conversation at work, the idea of using ruby on rails for future development projects came up.  One of the ‘hurdles’ that was discussed was integrating it with Active Directory (LDAP).  So, I went out searching to see how to integrate it.  Wouldn’t you know, like everything else, it is has been done before and it doesn’t look that hard.  Here are a couple of links to keep around if you are up against the same requirement:  This is a page on the Rails Wiki that talks some more about AD integration.

Of course, Active Directory isn’t the only thing out there someone would want to authenticate against, so on the Rails Wiki, there is a whole section dedicated to this topic


 Just for fun, I thought I would include this post – Why Ruby on Rails won’t become mainstream

Jean-Paul Boodhoo on Demystifying Design Patterns – Parts 1 & 2 Screencasts

Posted in Uncategorized by Kevin Colyar on May 23, 2007

“Jean-Paul Boodhoo starts a multi part series on design patterns that can be applied in any environment.”

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

OS X Tweeks, Ruby for Kids, SCPlugin, Python Video

Posted in Uncategorized by Kevin Colyar on May 21, 2007

SQL Server 2005 – varchar(max)

Posted in Programming by Kevin Beck on May 17, 2007

Recently our users wanted to increase the size of a description field so I did a little research and found this FAQ page answering several questions regarding the new MAX values in SQL 2005.

 Also noteworthy, is the removal of TEXT, NTEXT and IMAGE data types in future versions of SQL Server.  So be sure to avoid using these data types with SQL Server 2005.

The Switch – Part 3.1 – The Negatives… Continued

Posted in Mac by Brian Russell on May 16, 2007

This is just an add on to the last post of my switch series of posts.

As with PCs, Macs also sometimes suffer hardware/software problems.  This guy posts a years worth of troubles with his MacBook.

I found this pretty large security document from Apple to keep your OS security in check (PDF).

Project Euler, SPE, Compiler Design, Today’s Top Distributions

Posted in Uncategorized by Kevin Colyar on May 9, 2007

Project Euler (
“Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve…”

SPE – Stani’s Python Editor (
Python IDE with intellisense.

Basics of Compiler Design

An Overview of Today’s Top Distributions

Behavior Driven Development, MySQL Backups, And Intro To Regular Expressions

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on May 7, 2007

It seems there has been a flood of BDD posts in the last few days.  This one by Ben Strackany of DevelopmentNow has a great link for an intro to Behavior Driven Development.

Ben Strackany also posted about creating MySQLbackups the easy way.

Here is a post to cover the bare minimum you need to know to work with regular expressions.

Check In Your Code Often

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on May 2, 2007

When working on a team project, especially when you are working in the edit/merge style of source control, this is super important.

Jeremy Miller said it best.

Moving to Outlook 2007

Posted in Uncategorized by Julene Lucas on May 2, 2007

This happens to be a really good blog post about moving to Outlook 2007.  Has some gotcha’s, some tips and some interesting facts.  Reminds me to do a little research before upgrading instead of blindly clicking setup.exe. =)

Moving to Outlook 2007