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MVP, WPF, C# on the Mac, and more…

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on April 30, 2007

I have been gathering a bunch of posts on my desktop and it is time to free them out in another link post.

The Polymorphic Podcast by Craig Shoemaker has posted a 5 part series about the Model View * Patterns.  Check it out.

Binding Oriented Programming – interesting post to read, but I wonder how all this fits into the MVP pattern (my guess is not much).

C# on the Mac – Enough said about that.

Creating a Rules Processing Framework – This looks like a good series of posts.

Need some icons?

Using Log4Net in Five Simple Steps – Having never used it before, when I start, I think this article might help me get going quickly.

WiseBlocks has a Input Component Suite for web sites that works accross all web technologies.  If you are looking to settle on one type of control for your different web technologies, these might be it.

Five Day Course For Hitting the WPF Curve/Cliff – A bunch of resources to help you get started.

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