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The Switch – Part 3 – The Negatives

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on April 29, 2007

This is an ongoing tale of my switch from Windows to the Mac. Read Part 1 and Part 2 for more context about this post.

OK, after having a computer for almost 3 weeks, you are bound to find some things you don’t like. Just to be clear, this post does not mean I hate my Mac, quite the opposite, but it does point out the other side of things just in the interest of being completely balanced.

So, to recap what I said in the second part of this series as some negatives:

  • No ‘delete’ key (as a windows user knows it). The delete key is the backspace key, you have to use the fn + delete to get forward deleting.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are weird at first. Cut, copy and paste, which I use a lot, were hard to get used to at first, but I am getting to be OK with it now.
  • iTunes and iPhoto to look at external drives and not copy over music and photos locally. After I posted this, I had a few comments that helped me get what I wanted, so this isn’t a disappointment anymore.

Now on to the new ones:

Screen doesn’t go back very far. Yes, it goes back far enough to cover 95% of the normal usage of a laptop, but there is that 5% that sometimes I would like to have. Imagine sitting in a reclined position with your feet pulled up close to your butt (I know this is an awkward position to be computing, but one that I get in every now and then). Your laptop is angled up so your screen needs to be pushed back further. Well, you can’t on a MacBook Pro.

I am afraid to scratch it. The hardware is so nice that I am afraid to use and abuse it. I always feel this way about new items I purchase, but the MacBook Pro seems like a work of art you must handle carefully. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, I don’t think it is fragile. It might even be more rugged than a plastic laptop because of its use of aluminum. I just want to keep it ‘pretty’, which makes me more protective of it than I normally am with stuff.

The ‘maximize’ button on the window doesn’t always maximize the window. It seems to make it as large as it wants to make it (some applications). I wouldn’t push that button if I didn’t want it to take up the whole screen…quit making a decision for me to keep it small. Safari will make the window small if the web content is small. This is weird to me.

The Mac has made me realize how much I really do like IE 7. I know this is controversial, but IE 7 seems so much faster to me than both Safari and Firefox. I am getting used to them, but I still am longing to have IE 7 back. Plus, I am finding weird things in both browsers that make me continue those feelings. Here are some screen shots of what I am talking about:

Firefox renders the Google page weird every time.
Firefox Error
Here is what Safari shows when trying to add a blog post in WordPress.
Safari Blog Post
Here is Firefox on the same page, notice that Firefox correctly places the correct buttons along with allowing the resizing of the text area where you put in the main content.
Firefox Blog Post

The touchpad button has a sharp edge to it. If I were designing it, I might have rounded it a bit to make the feel a little better. I am not getting cut up by it, but if it was rounded over a bit I think it would have made it perfect.

The DVD drive makes some weird crazy sounds while it is loading the media.  It sounds like there is a little factory working on your DVD when it is inserted or ejected.


There you have it, I gave you five more complaints you can ponder about. I feel that none of these would prevent me from buying my MacBook Pro again. As a matter of fact, I am still very excited every time I pick it up. If you are thinking about switching over to the Mac, please look at my second post in this series because it highlights some of the positives that are not represented here.


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  1. derek said,

    IE7 are you serious?

    you need help man thats why computer users get hacked because of people like you.

    understand how computers work a little before saying they have issues.

  2. P said,

    Give Omniweb a spin. I have found it to be the fastest browser on a Mac. It’s tabbed browsing is unconventional, but does have its advantages.

  3. PM said,

    For the internet browser…dont use IE 7. If you dont like Firefox, and Safari (which is understandable since both of them crunch memory like mad), then give Shiira, or Camino a try. I find both of them to be extremely fast, and also light weight.

  4. Derek – Thanks for the great constructive comment. I will take your advice and try to learn how computers work. Look at the next two comments past yours which seem to validate my statements.

    P – I will look at Omniweb to see how it works for me.

    PM – Sounds good, I will look at those two as well.

    Just to clarify to all, Firefox isn’t horrible, I am using it right now, I just notice a difference between it and IE 7 as far as speed goes. It will take some time to get used to that if I stick with it.

  5. mtraphagen said,

    Macs do think of windows on the screen a little differently, and that takes some getting used to for us ex-Windoze users. The green + button is not intended to maximize, but simply to take the window to (alternately) the largest size practical for the resolution or the smallest size appropriate to the contents.

    My biggest beef is with only being able to resize a window from one corner, especially if that corner is near the dock.

  6. monquito said,

    Yeah, that button is not “maximize,” but “zoom.” And just to vote on the browsers suggested to you, Camino is the fastest and easiest to use for me, while still being free, which OmniWeb is not. I like Shiira because it looks cool and uses WebKit but some things about it (like the way it handles “tabs”) are a little disorienting to me.

  7. […] who ironically is a MVP with Microsoft, says he is Free At Last, Free At Last.  I understand what he means, do […]

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