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Iterative UI, Win Forms Perf Tips, and CI the MS way

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on February 12, 2007

UI Churn Must Happen – I agree with the first comment…except with grammatical changes made to it.

Start with a pretty UI – Continuing the UI topic a little more, I think this post is right on.

User Interface Process Application Block – Version 2.0 is out…

Windows Forms performance tips – Simple tips that people like me forget about and need reminded of.

Continuous Integration – The struggles that take place when going the Microsoft way.  Requiring our team to have one copy of Team Test edition to enable testing in builds is enough for me to puke all over the MS way of doing things.  They have effectivily given up on the smaller shops when they introduced Team Foundation Server and all the sectionalized Visual Studio editions.  Developers wear more than one hat a majority of the time in smaller programming teams.  I was a big supporter for TFS, but after using it for more than a year, it is nothing more than a source control repository with some work item support sprinkled in.  The integration into VS is good for source control operations, and is probably the only thing keeping it around.  I hope someone from MS is looking over these pain points.

Last Minute Editions:

Just found a link to this site which helps with building personal area network features into your smartphone apps with .NET.

Make your exceptions helpful – Good to think about considering exceptions are for you, the programmer.


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