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Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 24, 2007


Dell is selling OS free computers if you have a need for that (like all the linux users).

The Month of Apple Bugs continues…


Here is a Model-View-Presenter movie someone created.  I haven’t watched it yet myself, but since there isn’t a whole lot out there that covers this topic, I think it will be worth watching.

The Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming book looks to be a good resource for smartphone programmers.  I think we need to get this book for our department.

Web Development:

53 CSS – Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without.  This looks like a great resource to help you get stuff done with CSS in your web applications.  I just wonder why 53 and not some more round number like 50 or 55…

UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewrite is a open source tool to help you provide friendly urls to your web site visitors.  I have been a big fan of getting rid of the query string lately.  There really isn’t a need for humans to have to see it.  The cool thing about his tool is that the documentation is well written.  Here is a link to the PDF.


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