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Orthogonal Code and Free Development Book

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on January 19, 2007

If you are a .NET developer (really any type of developer) you NEED to read  Orthogonal Code by Jeremy Miller.  When you are done reading it, read all the links contained within that piece of writing.  After you are done with that, re-read it.  I really do buy into what Jeremy has to say.  I have been reading his blog for some time now, and almost everything he writes I have been able to agree with.  I only wish I was developing on the level that Jeremy is writing about, but at least I have a direction to head towards.

I have seen the book “Getting Real” talked a lot about by the development community.  This book was created by the folks at 37 Signals.  I recently found out that it is in electronic form for free.  Can’t beat that!  Here is the link to read it.

Last up is a list of books every developer should read (in one persons opinion anyway).


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