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Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 8, 2007

Windows Home Server announced, looks like something power users might be interested in.

R2D2 Projector.  You know you want it.

Yahoo Messanger to use WPF, WPF is starting to pick up steam.  I think there will be a lot more applications using WPF coming soon.

Some Query Analyzer tips to help you out.

Remote Keys looks like an interesting product to help ensure referential integrity accross databases.

.Net Cheat Sheets.

C# DateTime Manipulation.  This looks to be a great reference for those things that you always need to do with DateTime.

Use whenever you need to find how to connect to a data source.  A lot of people don’t know about this great resource, go look at it.

How to secure web services.  I haven’t fully evaluated this method for true security, and I think there is some holes in it (like username and password in clear text).  But, you may want to take a look if you need to secure web services.

Calling a Master Page User Control from a Page User Control.


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