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Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 30, 2007

How to restart a remote computer.  I hate it when I am remoted in sometimes and I can’t restart the machine.  Now I can.

Launchy.  Catchy name, and it looks pretty cool.

Ten stupid things people do with their websites.  I know the title is different once you go visit the site, but it can be summed up by my description.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Template Day.  Free WSS 3.0 templates for SharePoint. 

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut posters.  They are free, can’t beat that!


WPF, Database Designs, Office 2007 Command References, and more…

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on January 29, 2007


Word 2003 to 2007 interactive command reference.  This is a small little app you can run to learn where the commands you used in Word 2003 are now located in Word 2007.  This could be helpful to those people that are having a hard time navigating the new menus.

The same reference as above, but for Excel.

I haven’t used it yet, but here is a tool for capturing screen clippings and it works with Vista.

General: has released V3.  This is a pretty interesting project to me because (A) it is free, (B) it is written in C#, and (C) it is a good photo editing application.


WPF: What is a Resource?

WPF: Stylesheets in XAML

WPF: DataBinding.

Use URNs not URLs in namespaces where applicable.  I never cared to learn too much about namespaces, maybe because I always seen them as extra markup that the machine generates for me.  I know there is value to them, I just have never needed to care.  With XAML, I think that will change.

Yet another WYSIWYG editor for the web.  This one is openWYSIWYG 1.0.

10 Pre-Built Database Designs for use with SQL Server.  Might be useful if you are designing something along these lines.

Windows Mobile, WPF, and more…

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 26, 2007

Why the little things matter.  Great post by Bill’s House O Insomnia blog.

Visual Studio: Developers Speak Up.  Developers asked about their development tool.

Here is a bunch of Windows Mobile information sources.  I think I will be increasing my subscription list in my RSS reader.

 Get your application Network Aware.  Small post explaining where to go to start writing network aware applications in .NET.

Xceed DataGrid for WPF – If you are in need, it is free….can’t beat that price.  I don’t know if it is the grid, or WPF in general that I am more impressed with when I play with the online demo.

Free library of controls and unility classes for use in WPF applications.

There is a new WPF wiki.

Control Templates in XAML.

Random Links

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on January 25, 2007


Value of Your Knowlege.


Getting the Current Identity From Table (SQL Server) – This article discusses the way to get the identity last inserted into the table.  This is a common problem that most developers don’t even know about.  You should read and understand this if you work with SQL Server.  The first comment to this post is pretty funny as well.


Downloadable samples for the System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory namespace.  This could come in handy if you are doing Active Directory work.

Modeless Dialogs in WinForms.  Shows you how to create a popup that stays on top of the window, but doesn’t block access to the window.

ASP.NET 2.0 Page Life Cycle.  This is a nice little cheet sheet to help people understand the life cycle of a page being processed by ASP.NET 2.0.

Send your emulator a SMS message.  This is great if you are developing SMS functionality on a smartphone.  Here is some more SMS information to help your development cycle.

Random Links

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 24, 2007


Dell is selling OS free computers if you have a need for that (like all the linux users).

The Month of Apple Bugs continues…


Here is a Model-View-Presenter movie someone created.  I haven’t watched it yet myself, but since there isn’t a whole lot out there that covers this topic, I think it will be worth watching.

The Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming book looks to be a good resource for smartphone programmers.  I think we need to get this book for our department.

Web Development:

53 CSS – Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without.  This looks like a great resource to help you get stuff done with CSS in your web applications.  I just wonder why 53 and not some more round number like 50 or 55…

UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewrite is a open source tool to help you provide friendly urls to your web site visitors.  I have been a big fan of getting rid of the query string lately.  There really isn’t a need for humans to have to see it.  The cool thing about his tool is that the documentation is well written.  Here is a link to the PDF.

Orthogonal Code and Free Development Book

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on January 19, 2007

If you are a .NET developer (really any type of developer) you NEED to read  Orthogonal Code by Jeremy Miller.  When you are done reading it, read all the links contained within that piece of writing.  After you are done with that, re-read it.  I really do buy into what Jeremy has to say.  I have been reading his blog for some time now, and almost everything he writes I have been able to agree with.  I only wish I was developing on the level that Jeremy is writing about, but at least I have a direction to head towards.

I have seen the book “Getting Real” talked a lot about by the development community.  This book was created by the folks at 37 Signals.  I recently found out that it is in electronic form for free.  Can’t beat that!  Here is the link to read it.

Last up is a list of books every developer should read (in one persons opinion anyway).

Random Links

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on January 19, 2007

Everyone Stuff:

Multi-Touch Driven Display – This stuff is neat.  I want one.

Simple website monitoring tool with C# source code included.


SQL Stuff:

 Video Series: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition for Beginners

Dev Stuff:

Delegates – a post trying to help people learn them.

NAnt – free .NET build tool.

CI Factory – Continuous Integration server and installation script.


Web Dev Stuff:

The Web Developer’s List of Resources – The title says it all.

CSS Friendly Control Adapters – ASP.Net controls haven’t been the most friendly to CSS before.  These control adapters attempt to correct that.

Attach Icons to Anything With CSS – This post tells how to do it.

How to Test and Debug an ASP.NET Application – A post that may help you learn the tricks necessary to quickly debug what your application is doing.

The Growth of MySpace and Some Blackjack Tips

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on January 17, 2007

This is the first articleI have came across talking about how MySpace scaled up its service in order to become the largest site on the Internet.  It deals more with the technical side, which is what interests me more.  It is amazing to think that they started out only 3 years ago, and now they have over 140 million accounts.  It is a good read to see their technical decisions and how they got to where they are now.

This other link talks about a few tips while using the Blackjack from Cingular.  Since the Blackjack is a Windows Mobile 5.0 device, some of these tips and links also apply for the Motorola Q and other WM 5 devices.

Do you treat the people you support like idiots?

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on January 17, 2007

I have been thinking about this issue since I read this post.  The post made me feel a bit sheepish about some of my past conversations with other IT workers when we are talking about users.  Even saying the word ‘users’ in that last sentance feels a bit demeaning.

After reading the post, I then moved over to look at what the Slashdot community responded with.  It was easy for me to identify with the points of view expressed in the comments section, but I still felt that people were missing the underlying message he was trying to convey.

Of course, since this is the web, the original author responded to the critisim of the Slashdot responses with another post.

No matter what your stance is on the subject, you have to admit that we IT workers would not have a job without the people we serve.  The network administrators wouldn’t have a network if users didn’t need it.  Developers wouldn’t have an application to write if the users didn’t need it.  Support personal wouldn’t have people to support without technology in the users hands.

The IT profession is not above having to provide good customer service.  I am going to try to change the way I interact with my customers in the future in order to provide them with more respect and build a better trust level.  I challenge everyone else to do this as well.

Random Links

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on January 8, 2007

Windows Home Server announced, looks like something power users might be interested in.

R2D2 Projector.  You know you want it.

Yahoo Messanger to use WPF, WPF is starting to pick up steam.  I think there will be a lot more applications using WPF coming soon.

Some Query Analyzer tips to help you out.

Remote Keys looks like an interesting product to help ensure referential integrity accross databases.

.Net Cheat Sheets.

C# DateTime Manipulation.  This looks to be a great reference for those things that you always need to do with DateTime.

Use whenever you need to find how to connect to a data source.  A lot of people don’t know about this great resource, go look at it.

How to secure web services.  I haven’t fully evaluated this method for true security, and I think there is some holes in it (like username and password in clear text).  But, you may want to take a look if you need to secure web services.

Calling a Master Page User Control from a Page User Control.

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