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Vista Tips, Domain Driven Design, Deploying SQL, and more.

Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on December 26, 2006

Tons of links today….


Some Vista tips for the holidays.  12 to be exact.

In case you are interested in a computer based portal for your home theater, you might want to check out MediaPortal.  It is Open Source as well.


Mono 1.2 and OpenSUSE VMware Image updated.  If you want to start plopping down some .NET code for Linux, this may help you get started.

This article talks about working with Active Directory programatically.  This is good stuff for future projects.

Long article talking about Dynamic and Static typed languages, and what they really are.

A good design to get you thinking about how to design a simple HR system.  This diagram introduces some concepts like snapshots that may not be existent in your current designs.

WPF/E Pad.  Here is another version of XAML Pad that allows you to build WPF/E UI designs.  You need the December CTP of WPF/E to use it though.

Jeremy Miller has a post titled Downcasting is a Code Smell.  Its a simple read to increase your awarness of your own code.

Domain Driven Design series of posts.  It is using NHibernate as well.  I am linking in at part 8 because that was were I first seen it.  I am going to go back and look through them all.  It is good to look over what others are doing for design.

SQL Server:

Deploying a SQL Database to a Remote Hosting Environment from Scott Guthrie.  This guy is just full of useful advice.

Understanding SQL Server’s recover model options when using SQL on your developer workstation.


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