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Transferring from Programming to Supervising

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian Russell on December 13, 2006

Transferring from being a programmer working on solutions to supervising the group doing the programming has drastically changed what I do day to day.  When I first started, I told myself that I would be able to do programming part time.  I am realizing the further the project progresses just how far behind I am getting in my programming obligations to the project.  I have already waved off much of the development work I had originally assigned to me, and it rips me up inside to do it.  I basically only have one piece left to do for the project that I have responsibility with, but it slips every iteration.  Anyway, this guy wrote a couple blog posts describing the same exact thing I am going through, and I thought I would link to them to help any others transitioning from programmer to supervisor (or thinking about it).  I love the work I am doing now, but there is the inner geek in me wishing I could still just code all day!

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