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Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on December 13, 2006


This looks like Microsoft battling the Mac versus PC ad (to me anyway).

The replacement for FrontPage has been released called Expression Web.  I just wish this was included in our MSDS subscriptions so we could use it without having to pay seperately.

Healthy teams according to Jeremy Miller.  I so wish that everyone was able to be completely honest with each other.  Maybe someday…at least we have something to work towards.  Right now I feel we worry about hurting each others feelings too much (including myself).


Popular free code generation tool called MyGeneration has been updated.  Looks very interesting to me.  I think it is time that I create a .Net solution that is built using a bunch of Open Source products like MyGeneration, NHibernate, NUnit, etc.  Would make for a good experiment on just how good these tools work together to implement a solution.

Round dates inside SQL Server by doing some simple hacks.

Explicit and Implicit Interface Implementations.  Interesting post covering what you can do with Interfaces to make sure the right code is called when there is a collision between two interface definitions when they overlap.

This technique is useful for creating good cohesive objects where the behavior is different, but they function the same way.  I feel this is more related to the Strategy Pattern than the Factory Pattern though.

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