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Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on December 8, 2006


I had to add this one.  Does anyone know the difference between .002 Dollars and .002 Cents?

Read the warning for this child toy. 

What code doesn’t do in real life.  Every one of us programmers laugh at the movies when they show programming, only because they never get it right.  Here is a article that dives into it a bit more.


Side by side feature comparison for Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook Web Access 2007.  It seems very basic if you ask me, but maybe the topics will interest you enough to actually research what they are.

SharePoint 2007 working with IE 7 to exploit the new search functionalities.

How to back up and restore a site collection in SharePoint 2007.


Here is a free C# book to download in PDF format.

Rhino Mocks has a new version released.

Some interesting thoughts on Code Reuse.

Jeremy Miller provided some insight on what can happen if you don’t revisit estimates while running an agile type of project.

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