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Posted in Network,Programming by Brian Russell on November 13, 2006

Wow, tons of stuff over the week I was gone.  I am slowly filtering through my feeds I have missed over the last week (got to get that mobile feed reader completed soon).

 Microsofts Visual Studio Developer Center has a quick and easy way for you to navigate and find all the newly released stuff.  This includes .Net 3.0, tools for Office 2007 solutions, and the ASP.Net AJAX stuff.  Here is another link describing how to install and known issues.

Aggreg8 is a new Microsoft venture to try to bring a MySpace type of things for IT workers.  I am going to play around there for awhile and see what it is all about.

Looks like they are adding unit testing support for mobile solutions in Visual Studio .NEXT.

Microsoft is releasing Virtual Hard Disks for certain products in order to test with.  This is nice since it cuts down on the installation times and allows you to focus on working with the product.

ASP.Net AJAX, XML and Web Services– One of the sessions I didn’t attend at Dev Connections, but luckly there are videos available of it.

Simple breakdown of the available screencasting software for Windows.

We can always use another list of some sort, this one is the top 30 mistakes in software development.  These lists are great reminders of all the things we should be doing or looking at.

10 free tools for .NET developers.

The latest version of Mono has been released.  It is at 1.2 now.

Some tips for working with ASP.NET Web Projects.

Here are some Master Pages Tips and Tricks.

 Online Generators galore.


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