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Atlas Control Toolkit Unleashed: Creating Rich Client-Side Controls and Components

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on November 12, 2006

The toolkit is available on

To get started, first install the AJAX extensions on your machine, and then add the .dll to your sites bin directory.

Some of the controls included are:

  • TextBox water mark extender.  This allows you to put default text in your textboxes in a light informational style.  Text such as <enter name here> shows up as a light grey in the textbox.  When the user clicks in the textbox, the text goes away.
  • Collapsible panel extender will do exactly as the name implies, collapse panels.  There are numerous different styles to apply to it.
  • There is a hover menu extender.  This allows you to show popup like controls for menus.
  • Update Panel Animation control allows you to animate updating your panels.  So when your panel is being updated on the server, it will fade out then back in.  Gives the user a visual clue that the panel is being updated.

The toolkit allows you to build your own.  It is pretty simple to start going and you can target specific control types your extender works with if you need to.  So if you write something that should only work with a textbox, you can define it and the developers won’t be able to use it with a combo box.

This is where he started to perform a demo.  It was all copy and paste code, and he was going faster than the crowd was able to read the code he pasted.  I mentally checked out at this point.


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