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Keynote by Scott Guthrie

Posted in Programming by Brian Russell on November 9, 2006

Just a summary of my notes I took and the things I remember:

There are going to be 4 major releases this year.  They are:
SharePoint 2007
Expression Web Designer
At this point, a guy walked by me looking for a seat.  This guy looks just like John Lock from the TV show Lost from the back.  Cargo pants, t-shirt, bald, and a backpack over one shoulder.  I didn’t get my camera out in time, so just trust me when I say I found Johns long lost brother (yes, pun was intended…stupid joke, I know).  Back to work now…
So Scott is off talking about ASP.NET AJAX framework.  It is cross platform (meaning it works with the popular browsers.  It is also a fully supported product by MS.  This means that there will be at least 10 years of support if you use this product.
He demoed some AJAX stuff and how easy it was to get started with it.  Every demo started with adding a ScriptManager component to the ASP.NET form.  This object helps get the scripts registered on the page as well as provide most of the plumbing needed to get this going.
Another control he showed was the UpdateProgress control.  You just associate it with an UpdatePanel (another AJAX control) to show users text and/or graphics indicating the panel is working.
He talked about the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit which is a separate project (open source ran by the community).  This toolkit contains 30+ controls with a goal of having 50-100 in the next few months.
Control Extenders were introduced to us.  These types of controls extend functionality of existing ASP.NET controls.  So, you can extend the ASP.NET TextBox control to have a dynamic suggestion list show up as the user types.  There are many other extender controls, but that was an example he showed us.
That is about it for this keynote.  It was only an hour long, so there wasn’t a whole lot of noteworthy content.  I spared you much of the marketing stuff.

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