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Step by step instructions showing how easily fingerprints can be faked.

Mouseless Navigation in Windows with Mouser
Very Cool Linux Window Manager Effects with Beryl


IE 7 Links

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The IE7 homepage:

A few articles pertaining to IE7:

Should we send any of this to new users?  The IE7 website has a tour of what’s new, questions, answers, etc.  By the way, for those of you missing the Menu bar, push the Alt Key and it will magically pop up for one-time use.

Get Windows Vista and Office 2007 for Free!

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Do you want to get Vista and Office 2007 for free?  Me too.  I don’t know if this is legit, but it might be worth a try.  I was led to this offer by a post from Dan Wahlin.  His post has a link to a disturbing YouTube video.

The MPAA has lost their minds.  This is proof.  Isn’t anything under a 29″ TV considered a bedroom TV now days?

RikReader is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) RSS reader.  You need the .Net Framework 3.0 installed in order to use it.


C# 3.0 is comming, and some of the new features look really neat.  Extension Methods are one of those features.  Check out a quick sample of them here.

A future Validation Application Block that will be released.  It sure would go a long way to cleaning up validation code spread accross your objects.

Random Links

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If you have a hard time keeping track of what you are doing all day, this tool may help you out.

Whenever you are trying to find a solution for people, remember that process is sometimes just as important as the results.  Finding balance is hard.

I never used it, but Microsoft released XML Notepad 2007.  If you are in a XML project, this may be useful. 

 Another tool I have never used, but looked interesting is wikidPad.  It is a wiki for your desktop for you to organize your own notes.


Want to provide feedback in what you will see in the next Visual Studio release, here is your chance!

SQL Server 2005 passwords are case sensitive, no shock there, but SQL Server 2000 passwords are case insensitive by default (big shock there for me).  Anyway, this could lead to some issues with upgrading applications from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 if the passwords are inside the code and not properly cased (I sure hope that isn’t the case with our in-house software).

Random Links

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Lots of links today to provide you with some holiday weekend reading.  I am going to seperate the sections out so that the networking folks can easily wade through the links that they should see, and the programmers can also do the same. 


IIS is confusing for those of us who don’t work in it every day.  Here is a post describing the differences between Virtual Application and Virtual Directory.

Don’t want to get an iPod and contribute to the dark side?  Read this post for some alternatives.

Programming Related:

Integrate the Explorer Shell functionality into VS.Net.

Just another post of why good design matters.

Code Smells – TDD – Refactoring….Oh My!

Object oriented design class principles and testablity.  This post links to some other posts.  I highly suggest you add this guy to your RSS reader if you have one.  Jay Flowers seems to write some good stuff on design.

Unit testing is hard.  Luckly there are some good resources on the net to help you.  Here is a page describing Test Smells (yes, your tests can stink just as bad as your production code).  The XUnitPatterns site is a good site to bookmark and read through when you have time.  I have just descovered it and it looks to be full of valuable info.

A post about the Adapter pattern using .Net.

IComparable vs IComparer.  More on the IComparer here.

Random Links

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Am I the only one finding interesting links on the Internet?

Scott Hanselman talks about some of the new speech recognition features included in Windows Vista.

Here is a set of controls for developers to use to make their applications look “Star Trek-y”.

This post talks about how to do a live webcast that streams over the Internet as you are recording it.

Last up today is a set of videos covering Adobe Photoshop tips and tricks.

Random Links

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How to never pay for application development again.

99 Email Security and Productivity Tips.

Add spell checking to your .Net applications.  You have to pay for it though.

You can now download the Save as PDF or XPS functionality for Office 2007.

I totally agree with this post saying that Microsoft needs to give developers a break.

Some Troubles Developing for Mobile Devices on Vista

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This post describes some of the pain points for mobile development on Vista at this point in time:

List of Changes Between Office 2003 and 2007

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I found this link that has the changes listed between Office 2003 and 2007.

Frontpage FYI

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FrontPage, Microsoft’s web page editor, has been dropped from the Office 2007 lineup.

It’s been replaced with two products, one part of Office 2007 and the other still in development.

Sharepoint Designer 2007 looks like Frontpage at first glance and can be used to edit web pages and sites. However its focus on editing Microsoft Sharepoint sites makes it clumsy to use for purposes beyond Sharepoint.

For general use will be Expression Web which is not for sale yet but the beta is available for download from here (not to be confused with the ‘CTP1’ beta dated May 2006 but still available for download).

The good news is that FrontPage 2003 will continue to work after Office 2007 is installed. Sometimes mixing versions of Office programs doesn’t work very well (or at all in the case of Outlook), but Frontpage 2003 seems OK.

In fact, if you install Office 2007 on a computer with an earlier version of Office (including Frontpage) the Office programs are updated but Frontpage is left untouched.

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